We are sorry to announce that giving the circumstances we were forced to end this amazing project called GiveO2. If you were (or are) one of our beloved users, we wanted to truly thank you for backing us up along the way. We couldn't have gotten this far without your support. If you are just passing by this website, we hope that our story might inspire you in some way…

Before saying goodbye, we wanted to give our most sincere appreciation and thanks to: our families & friends (they backed us up when most needed), IncubaUC & Corfo (Marcelo, Hiroshi, Jose Luís, Luís, and all the IncubaUC team: keep shaping the future of the LatAm entrepreneurial scene!), Rockstart accelerator & Mentors (Oscar, Yme, Ruth, Don, Els, Rune, Marcel, Guido and all the rest of the team: Thanks for giving us a second chance and probably the most amazing 100 days learning experience of our lives) and to all the entrepreneurial friends that we met along the way (you know who you are 1313), your stories, successes, struggles and advices gave us the strength to continue when things were not going the way we wanted.

Finally and most important: to all the former GiveO2 members (Franchute, Chartier, Thomas, George, Nico (Benavides), Felipe, Nico (Estrada), Mati, Coni and Roman)….. We are GiveO2!

Our warmest feelings to you all

Christel, Cristian and Joaquín

Here you can find us (LinkedIn)
Christel , Cristián, Joaquín

PS: We will take down the Android and iOS apps at the end of the month. So if you want your data, let us know! It will be available until the end of the year. After that period of time, all data will be erased!